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   Karnataka Circle,Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

                           "Nothing is predestined: The obstacles of your past  
                            can become the gateways that lead to new beginings."


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AIGETOA THANKFUL TO PGM BGTD,For considering the CS AIGETOA KTK views regarding the EVDO cards problem and taken action to  to replace the 2000 EVDO cards .
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CS letter to PGM

CS MANJUNATH B. G. and ACS SUNDERRAJ Met GM Admin on 02/0/8/2010 and discussed  Various issues pertaining to E1 To E2 Pay up gradation , Intra circle transfers,rule 8 , 1:1 seniority list, and EPF Issues.
Regarding E1 To E2.Got Positive response from admin, He agreed to immediate settlement of E1 To E2 pay up gradation for 2001 and 2002 batch, and list of members whose CRs are not reached till now will uploaded in the circle site . 
Regarding Seniority list.
He also  told that separate seniority list   for direct recruiters is  prepared on 1:1 basis and it will  uploaded very shortly for verification. 
Regarding EPF
For EPF pending cases all SSA heads are once again called for meeting, and rest of the cases will be settled very shortly. For BGTD issue he will discuss with PGM BGTD. AIGETOA will try to settle the matter as early as possible. 
Regarding Role-8
It has told that out of 200 new JTO trainees only 98 have joined for training in RTTC Mysore and also KTK is loosing around 100 SDEs those who got promotion from SDE to Adoc-DE who got transferred to other Circles. Hence he showed some difficulty regarding ROLE-8 transfers. But some cases will be considered after all batches Joins.
Regarding Intra circle transfer.Circle office is preparing list with suitable substitute, when the new batches Joins orders will be issued.
AIGETOA THANKFUL TO PGM BGTD,For considering the CS AIGETOA KTK view regarding the EVDO cards problem and taken action to  to replace the 2000 EVDO cards ,which will helped customers a lot.
click here CS letter to PGM

Circle Body of Karnataka 
Circle President: Shri Ashok Y Shigli , 9449857589
Circle Secretary:
Shri Manjunath  B G, 9448465116
Circle Finance Secretary :
Shri Jayakumar, 9448010200
Vice President: Shri Rohit Gour, 9448010047
Vice President: Shri Srinivas Reddy, 9449855669
Asst Circle Secretary : Shri Nagaraj C, 9448010009
Asst Circle Secretary : Shri Sundar raj, 9449067612
Organisation Secretary : Shri Manoj, 9448010199
Web Secretary : Shri D P Shivakumar, 9449000989
                    Shri  Jyjesh T S , 9448087555
Auditor : Smt Latha Jain, 9449027635


10 oct 09
Condolences: We regret to inform the sad demise  SATISH ,DRJTO(2002 batch) , mobile services ,BTS maintenance,Bangalore due multi oragan failure on 10/10/09, who was admitted to hospital 15 days back due to major accident. AIGETOA KTK condolences the sad demise of our beloved friend and pray God to give strength to the bereaved family. As a humanitarian measure AIGETOA KTK contributed its Rs:6000 fund to SATISH family .

31 jul 2009
Congratulations to all members of AIGETOA Karnataka & other responsible Executives of BSNL who participated in the demonstration with full zeal and enthusiasm displaying their commitment & sincerity towards BSNL and made it GRAND SUCCESS. Half Day (Before Lunch) Demonstration of AIGETOA  under “Operation Sacrifice: Death Before Dishonour” on 31st July 2009 was GRAND SUCCESS. The demonstration was observed with participation more than 60 executives .The members shouted slogans in favour of our demands & displayed their strong emotions towards the continuous downfall of "BSNL Profit" due this unabsorbed ITS in BSNL who lack belongingness towards our BSNL. Memorandum is  submitted to CGMT Karnataka at the end.

AIGETOA DNW BANGALORE had gheraoed CGM Data Networks on 22 jul 2009 on the issue of corruption and pro-vendor approach of DGM,Project.
They demanded JTOs/SDEs should be treated with respect and misbehaviour of TCS was pointed out.
They also demanded the corrupt,tyrant,pro-vendor practice of DGM should be stopped  to make cudice environment at the work place and corruption free system.Vendor TCS (letter sent few days back)They remarked" BSNL JTO/SDE should be in the call centre and not NOC"). AIGETOA DNW BANGALORE strongly protested against this ,DGM influenced the transfer order of 2 members (P K Shahoo SDE,DNW and Brahmaiah SDE ,DNW)from this project .Mr P K Shahoo is AIGETOA treasurer of bangalore DNW..To protest this AIGETOA DNW BANGALORE made agitation in front of CGM,DNW who was present in Banaglore for last CGM DNW agrees to reinstate 2 SDEs transferred to STR.

JUL-8 2009

AIGETOA KTK meeting was conducted on 04/07/09 sucessfully in presence of AIGETOA CHQ president Sri.Shilaho Rao ,around 50 members from BGTD,MOBILE & DNW are participated in the meeting which went upto 8pm. following points are decided in the meeting

1.AIGETOA KTK account is opened (State Bank of Mysore,Ambedkar veedhi,Rajbhavana Road ,AcNO:64044261182 in the Name 'AIGETOA KARNATAKA CIRCLE.BANGALORE' ) all have to submit ECS format to to their salary bank for monthly subscription(Rs:100)  from salary account directly.
2.AIGETOA KTK fully supporting to CHQ for agitation program  'Operation Sacrifice;Death before Dishonor' and same was intimated to CHQ president and letter of supporting already sumitted to CGMT Karnataka.
3.CHQ president explained the need of this agitation and told us to be united and ready to face any problems and given the assurance that
CHQ will support us if some problems comes from management.
4.GS Manjunath told about strenthing AIGETOA in all corners of karnataka and he also told he required more support from BGTD.
5.teams are selected to make the agitation program sucess and allotted specific works.
6.Members  problems abount RULE-8 transfer ,LDCE transfer anomolies,2005 Pay fixation and some individul cases are discussed throughly and some suggestions  given by members are also discussed.
7.about Rule-8 tarnsfer Mr.Shilaho Rao said corporate office given instruction to release rule-8 transfers from circles but in karnatak they not yet released any cases so he put more pressure on corporate office to discuss with karnataka CGM.
8.Abount pay naomalis of 2005 and 2007 batches president told this is one of the demand for agitation program so this issue is taken seriously by CHQ and he hopes result will come shortly.
9.About Karnataka management attitude of no supportive to AIGETOA and biased towards other unions in respect of transfer and other cases ,he told go ahead with seperate agitation and CHQ will support it with all respects.
10.any other problems faced by the dr jto in karnataka will goto AIGETOA CHQ through Circle secretary and president only.President also requested all to support AIGETOA in all respects to bettement of Dr jtos.


26 JUNE 2009

AIGETOA KARNATAKA opened S/b account in State Bank of Mysore,Ambedkar veedhi,Rajbhavana Road ,AcNO:64044261182 in the Name 'AIGETOA KARNATAKA CIRCLE.BANGALORE' all are requested to contribute monthly subscription of Rs:100 to this account.

All are requested to submit the form to their SALARY DRAWING BANK for deducting monthly subscription of Rs:100 through ECS from copy should be given to Distict Secretery and one copy to Circle Secretery click here for letter format ......

01 june 2009


12 May 2009

AIGETOA met GM(A) and following issues are discussed

EPF Related: After meeting with account officers of all SSAs GM(A) he preparing the report on EPF status of all SSA and this will be published in circle office intranet very soon.

Transfer Related: Request for Mutual /intra circle  transfers list will be  put in  intranet soon for reference .After arraiving of new JTO batch (who are in training now ) these requestes will be considered.He also assured that Rule-8 transfer requests will also be considered after new batch arrival .

Time Bound Promotion: GM(A) told that E1 to E2 TBP for BGTD and leftout SSAs dpc is over and orders will be released very soon .

20 apr 2009


AIGETOA also met staff section about 2001 batch Time Bound Promotion and got assurance that TBP orders will be released shortly.

  On 15-4-2009  CS,CP&VP met GM admn Karnataka circle he gave following assurance

·                    As we know EPF meeting has been conducted with all ssa heads on

6,14,16,17th of this month he assured after this meeting we see some improvement and He promised EPF Report of each SSA will be submitted to Circle secretary we have to wait and watch whether it is eye wash or real development.
·                   Mutual transfers from other circles got approval from CGM list will be released soon request transfer registered list will be put in the Circle intra net.

·                    All DRJTO/JAO’s completed two year probation period will get their confirmation order within two month.

·        All  RULE-8 case will be resolved soon he says ,god knows when We pressurized him to release the order for some genuine cases

(Send your request for rule-8 mutual transfers to [email protected])

·                  All pending local transfer will be settled soon on case by case basis

·                    Pay anomalies for 2005 batch DRJTO joined after 1-1-2007 is beyond the power of circle office(there are also waiting for corporate order)

Dear GE's

Pl strengthen the association from gross route level .  Everybody talking rights  and anomalies.  Pl ask our friends spare 5 min to fill up the online reg and then only we will fight against management, otherwise it will create problems to all GE's. So pl concentrate to fill up online regn available in


CONGRATS ..............................

 AIGETOA, DISTRICT  body is unanimously elected for BELGAUM SSA  in presence of    CS Sri.Manjunath  on 08-apr-09 as per the
Constitution of AIGETOA, Registered under society act.

Congratulations to all members of District body.

Belgaum District body
Dist President: Raveendra Singh
Dist Secretery: Ismail Khan
Dist Finance Secretery : MANOJ KUMAR CHAUHAN
Org  Secretery : AMEET MUDHARA

Executive members- Rahul agarwal
                                     Sreeraj b
                                     Himanshu bhai

Photos of AIGETOA meet in BELGAUM


CS & CP MET CGM AND DISCUSSED ABOUT rule-38/LDCE transfers CGM assured AIGETOA that he will consider some cases & issue the order.regarding EPF issues he called for all account /epf officers meeting in april second week.

13 Mar 2009
Congratulations to all the Direct Recruits of BSNL, a milestone succes in EPF.
With the continuous persuasion and sincere effort of AIGETOA under the leadership of GS, Shri R.P. Shahu at last the centralized order issued by Addl. Central PF Commissioner, Shri P. Sudhakar Babu, CPFO New Delhi to refund the past EPF recovery made by BSNL. Click here for order

09 Mar 2009 
CONGRATS ..............................
 AIGETOA, DISTRICT  body is unanimously elected for GULBARGA SSA in presence of    CS Sri.Manjunath and VP  Sri S Manohar on 08-Mar-09 as per the Constitution of AIGETOA, Registered under society act..Congratulations to all members of District body.

GULBARGA District Body
District President  : Mr.Agalwe B S.
District Secretery  :Mr.Rakesh P J.
District Treasurer : Mr.Srinivas
Asst  District Secretery :Mr.Girish.

Asst  District President : Mr.Farhal Alam
Executive Members: Mrs.Saritha , Mr.Ashutosh Namdeo.

06 Mar 2009 
Congratulations !  BSNL corporate office issued the order for revised Pay scale w.e.f 01.01.2007, scale for E1A, E2A & E9A will be notified later. Click here for orders

04 Mar 2009 
CS/VP meeting DRJTOs/DRJAOs of Gulbarga,Raichur,Bijapur & Bidar SSAs on 08/03/09 at Gulbarga ,All are WELCOME .For more information contact Rakesh(Gulbarga)-9449774977,Surendra Kumar(Bijapur)-9449826093 or CS Manjunath -9448465116

04 Mar  2009

Congratulations!!!!!!! AIGETOA Karnataka first Executive meet got huge success

SSA Body formation of AIGETOA Bangalore & Mobile Services was held on 26/02/03 at Conference Hall O/o PGM BGTD,Bangalore. The meeting presided by Circle Secretary Sri Manjunath , Circle President Sri.Raghu  and  all other circle body/DNW /Kolar SSA  office bearers . Around 50 DrJTOs are present from BGTD,MS,DNW & Kolar SSA.
For minutes of meeting CLICK HERE ........
SSA Body of Bangalore TD and Mobile Services.
District President: Sri.Manoj (MS)
District Secretary : Sri. Divakar B M (BGTD)
Asst District Secretary: Sri.Uttam Yeligar (MS)
District Org Secretary : Sri.Jose Jacob (MS)
District Treasurer: Sri.Praveen Kumar M D (BGTD)



21 feb 2009                                                                            message from CS

Dear friends, AIGETOA UNION is not just collecting subscription for making some members, it is creating a strong platform for GE JTOS/ JAOS Where we can express our difficulties and problems faced by our own organizations and out side society. So for we where bachelors ,now we are responsible persons of our family. We need to balance our family life and profession. Union plays very important role to avoid frequent disturbance in our life.   For that we need to spend some of our time for union work and to strengthen it.  We are committed for this organization for more than 30 years, in our entire service we may come across one or other problem if our union is strong or leaders are strong we can easily resolve the problems.  This platform can be better utilized for resolving social problems like buying SITE, FLAT, CAR where enormous amount of risk is involved, a small mistake can lead to huge losses, if we together go for buying we may negotiate to larger extent, and avoid risk since unity is strength. Each one of us will be having lot of information, and that can be shared.,this will give clear picture about market. Similarly admitting childrens to school, Medical problems, any other problem you rise in the meeting definitely there will be more than one solution, this will give lot of relief to employee. Friends I mean to say, to lead better life, we need to have very good influence and contact of like mentality people. This can be achieved through union.                                          Manjunath B.G.(CS AIGETOA)  

18 feb 2009

Dear Friends,
AIGETOA,Karnataka organising circle executive meet on 26-FEB-2009 at 3 pm at Bangalore.All are invited,come  and  show the strength of DRJTOs/DRJAOs. meet will  discuss about LDCE transfer to different SSAs(after 31st march),EPF issues,rule-38 transfers and other related issues.venue of the meet will be intimated later in this site/sms/e-mail/phone. All are requested to attend with their DRJTO/DRJAO friends.
All DRJTOs/DRJAOs requested to fill up online membership form available in chq site.
For further assistance and help call  CS Sri Manjunath. Mob:9448465116 or CP  Sri.Raghu mob:9449799877 
or for feed back and complaints Email us :
[email protected]        

message from CS

Hi, Friends,   As we know, Under the leadership R P SHAHU And His Team Entire country is getting united. They are the one who created fear in the management about GEJTOS. It is our bounded duty to support Them. As They Are doing some tremendous Jobs for Direct Recruits, Management is started recognizing the presence of GEJTOS And JAOS under the Leadership Of R P Shahu. Karnataka circle GEJTOS always lagged in uniting people, as well as putting pressure to the management from last 7 years. Neither we supported nor did some thing on our own. Due to this our fellow members where suffering And so many decisions have been taken Against DGEJTOS/And JAOS. This is the right time to get united put pressure to the management so that same thing should not be continued. Friends what ever little we achieve today is milestone for our future. To Fight with stubborn, corrupt, Self centered, management we need to produce 100 of Leaders like R P SHAHU.   Friends with this note I and My team are working very hard to get people united, and we seek your support for all your UNION activities and we promise to give some good results to you  &  your family very soon.                                     

 Manjunath B. G. (CS aigetoa)

17 Feb 2009
AIGETOA submitted its deliberation on charter of demands to Shri R.K. Batra PGM (IR), Chairman of committee, BSNL Corporate office as asked in the committee meeting held on 20th Jan 2009. click here for demands ......

17 Feb 2009
BSNL will recruit about 3945 Junior Telecom. Officers (JTOs) through a competitive examination to be held on  21st June 2009 (Sunday)  on All India basis.Click here for link ........

12 Feb 2009 
Dear Friends,

AIGETOA,Karnataka circle body planning shortly to meet  all DRJTO/DRJAO from Bangalore .it will be a introductory meet and discussion will be  about LDCE transfer to different SSAs,EPF issues,rule-38 transfers and other related issues to strenthing AIGETOA in Karnataka.Date and venue of the meet will be intimated later in this site/sms/e-mail/phone. All are requested to attend with their DRJTO/DRJAO friends.
All DRJTOs/DRJAOs requested to fill up online membership form available in chq site.
For further assistance and help call  CS Sri Manjunath. Mob:9448465116 or CP  Sri.Raghu mob:9449799877 
or Email us :
[email protected]                            

12 Feb 2009 

Dear friends,

         Seven years of service is probably a good time to look back at our lot as Junior Telecom Officers. We are assembled here to do just that—take stock of the years we have put in as the 'junior-most' executives in BSNL. What had been offered us when we joined service? What has actually been given? Who has benefited whilst our career prospects and compensation packages have been compromised? We shall take a quick look at all of these, and we shall agree among ourselves on a course of action.

It is mostly a story of betrayal, false promises, and management policies subverted and derailed by the efforts of a few associations which unfortunately represent the majority. As is customary with the majority, they also have the unenviable claim of not possessing the technical qualification that is mandatory for GE JTOs. Though it is not a question of alleging a lack in efficiency, there are some things which a trained engineer can do without having to sit in special courses at RTTC or ALTTC. Engineers hold the key in all technical matters; in the evolving scenario, BSNL, like all other big companies, will be forced to take cuts in manpower while retaining or even enhancing productivity. This is possible only by ensuring that the technical jobs are handled by engineers. It was with this vision that BSNL began the drive to recruit Graduate Engineers. The new post at the entry level was to be called GE-JTO. And we all know what happened afterwards.

You might recollect that this was the designation referred to in our appointment letters; but when it turned out, we are simply JTOs, and even in some places, they sweetly call us 'JE'. We must be borne in mind that the highest technical qualification asked for in BSNL is B Tech (no higher qualification is asked of ITS Officers). What should be an asset to any company has become, in our case, in BSNL, a source of untold misery and exploitation. It is time we recounted each of these and reacted; it is time we took what is rightfully ours. It is time.

         We shall specifically highlight some our grievances.

#The below-par bogus IDA pay scale (or, BSNL's modified IDA pay scale to accommodate unqualified Executives)

#EPF Recovery, falsification of facts regarding ceiling, and unwarranted recovery of EPF Arrears

#Promotion Policy

#LDCA Transfer Practices

#Management Trainee Exam

#Adoption of corporate practices

Pay Scale

The two modified (downgraded) entries (highlighted in red) represent what has been doled out to GE-JTOs with the express intention of accommodating unqualified big brothers. Both management and big brothers won, oh yes. And when that happens, who has time to think about righteousness and justice? A few fellows have come and joined, they're graduates and smart, so let's have a party at their expense!

It had been clearly indicated in the advertisements of our recruitment that GE-JTOs would be posted in Central Government Pay scale of Rs 6500—200—10500 pm which would be revised to IDA Pay Scale. Associations (with our big brothers and their big brothers in the forefront) went on strike regarding the settlement of pay. Finally, what they accepted (anything would have been better than CDA pay in their eyes) was a bogus entry-level pay scale of 9850—250—14600 (in place of the IDA starting scale of 10750—300—16750). In the discussions, the big brothers used the fact that Graduate Engineers are being posted as JTOs, so that would require a pay raise. They conveniently used the argument to hide the fact that they were not graduate engineers themselves, or that they would be receiving pensions when they retired. With the help of entrenched unions (for whom the GE-JTO would be a threat both in terms of technical excellence as well as in their qualification; most if not all of the big brothers are not technically qualified for the post) they succeeded in turning the situation around, and as it turned out, GE-JTOs took a pay cut, and the big brothers got a pay raise. The resulting lower entry level pay-scale could be successfully defended by BSNL Management, as most of the JTOs, being big brothers, were simply not qualified for the post. Not only did we get a ten percent pay cut, we were de-promoted to the post of 'Junior' Telecom Engineer.

EPF and Recovery of EPF Arrears 

In marked contrast to big brothers, who have benefits like family pension and GPF cover, direct recruit JTOs have no option other than EPF. In this regard, there areseveral things to note.

a. The same contribution is applicable to all direct-recruit JTOs. In some cases where the JTO has tried to increase his subscription, it was met with considerable delaying tactics and leg-pulling. (At least one such case is clearly known, that of a fellow-JTO posted in Kannur SSA.) Even though BSNL is not supposed to increase their contribution, the accounts officers are reluctant to change the employee contribution. (This is a part of the
attempt to impose a ceiling on BSNL's contribution to the EPF account. There had been no limit imposed on EPF contribution as we were posted; any such rule, if at all in effect currently, is a result of subsequent insinuation by our big brothers.) b. There are rules forbidding any levying of 'arrears' in EPF contribution. Any JTO who has a grievance in this regard can take up the issue with the EPF Commissioner and obtain a favourable outcome by properly pursuing the case. There have been numerous success stories in MP and TN Circles. (All the cases have been successful, though the JTOs may have incurred some expense in following the case.) Legally, Accounts Officer cannot levy such arrears; in case of a query, he is liable to refund any such amount levied. (Something like Rs 30,000 has been levied from 2002 recruits.)

{For following up the case, please make use of the guidelines posted at out site,}
LDCE Transfer
Transfer rules are framed to avoid the possibility of nepotism and corruption.Generally, an officer is not expected to spend more than six years at the same station. That is, those who have enjoyed the longest stay will be transferred and those with shorter stays will be retained. (If there are two persons, say with 4 years and 6 years at the same station, then the officer with the six-year stay will be transferred.)

In the recent LDCE for SDEs you seen maximum DRJTOs are tranfered to out of SSA's (including many ladies) and  many to hard tenure circles.AIGETOA CHQ got sucess in maximum of them getiing back their home circle who got transfered to hard tenure circle,now it is  trying to stop the transfer who transfered to differnt SSA and still continuing in their own SSA tiil 31/03/09 in Karnataka

Management Trainee

At least some of you might recall that as we entered BSNL service, there was a chance that we could pass qualifying examinations and reach the top posts. However, this has not happened. Whereas in every other PSU Management Trainees and Engineer. Trainees are placed equally and have exactly the same prospects, we in BSNL are forced to remain junior-most. And this, despite the fact that we are the technicallyqualified officers in BSNL.

We should resist the move by BSNL management to recruit MTs from outside through an open examination. This move might prove detrimental to the company as Management Graduates are unlikely to succeed in heading a PSU Telecom company like ours. A telecommunication company requires management by engineers and not by business graduates. This is especially true for BSNL as we are expected to provide acceptable quality of service even in heavily-loss making scenarios. Rather than having HR/Finance/Marketing managers sit on top of us doing nothing and understanding nothing, we shall do well to be our own managers.

In the circumstance, it is our duty to fight for our rightful place in the company and realise our dreams for a better position.

We have been punished for no fault of our own. We have been forced to share something which is ours by right. We did not ask to be called JTO or posted as a JTO; we share the same technical qualification as ITS Officers. This insult, the very designation of JTO, hides the all-important fact that we are technically qualified engineers. We are not engineers on probation; we are not assistants or apprentices. If there are any engineers at all in BSNL, we are those engineers. It is not just the money; it is the ignominy of having to bear the tag of a junior engineer, and sheer absurdity of working under technically unqualified higher officers who don't have the knowledge to either guide or instruct us. Every day we come across situations when we have to attend calls from higher officers who keep reminding us that there is a wide chasm between them and us. What is alarming, what is disgraceful and unjust, is that their side is a higher than ours. We have been handed out this second-class treatment and it makes no sense to take it lying down.

Our different circle units have scored important victories by raising and consistently following up personal grievances like EPF arrear recovery, Rule-38 transfers, and other injustices and insults. Our GS Mr Shahu is an exemplar in leading from the front. His determination and tenacity in holding up the proceedings of MT Test has been notable. In a similar vein, we should fight against this discrimination because we represent the future. Every other year, several thousand graduates are recruited as JTOs and our numbers will swell. The other `legacy` association will continue to dwindle. Though it is in the nature of every living thing to fight for its survival, they are doing it at our expense. They are profiting from our qualification by making us share an epithet which was theirs and fits only them. Once more I'd like to remind you that we are Graduate Engineers and that we demand to be treated as engineers like in the other PSUs. It is not our fault that a lot many TTAs got smart and won by force of numbers. We were initially offered a separate post which we should demand again.

We should take what is rightfully for ours. Don’t remain silent in the face of exploitation;make that noise and take your place.

                                         'Stand up straight, and don’t get shredded.’

                                           On behalf of AIGETOA, Karnataka Circle Unit

                               NOW NO  OTHER ONE WILL FIGHT FOR YOU !

source: with thanks.

CS/CP/VP  submitted letter to CGMT Karnataka about AIGETOA Circle Body Formation click here for letter

 06 Feb 2009 
Dear All GEs of Karnataka Telecom Circle all are requested to give application to A.O Cash of your SSA to stop monthly subscription deduction from Salary.And also give copy to CGMT Karnataka for nessary action in this regard.

1.All are requested to Submit AIGETOA membership form one copy to  CS/President   AIGETOA KTK(Online   Resgistered members also)
For MEMBERSHIP FORM click here ....
2.Resignation letter to Old Association DS/CS AIBSNLEA/SNEA/NTEA
FOR RESIGNATION TO NTEA/SNEA/AIBSNLEA letter format click here......
3.All DS/DP are requested to collect Monthly Subscription of Rs 50 per member from Jan 09.
4.Any Issues of Transfer/Rule 8 one copy pls send to CS/President AIGETOA KTK
5.Detailed List of All memers to be sumitted Urgently. 
 AIGETOA KTK Circle Unit Bangaluru

04 Feb 2009 
CONGRANTS..............................AIGETOA DISTRICT  bodies are unanimously elected for KOLAR,MYSORE SSAs in presence of    CS Sri.Manjunath, and VP  Sri S Manohar on 31/jan & 1/feb as per the Constitution of AIGETOA, Registered under society act.,ALL other SSA bodies will be formed shortly ,for further information pls contact CS Sri Manjunath.Mob:9448465116. 
Kolar District Body
District President  : Ramesh Kumar.
District Secretery  :Manohar S.
District Treasurer : A N Manjunath.
Asst  District Secretery :Harinath Babu.

Executive Members:Shivappa B M,Arun Kumar,Nazeer,Narain Nandakumar.

Mysore District Body
District President  : Shivanna .
District Secretery  :Shivaram.
District Treasurer : Shashidhar Kulkarni.
Organising Secretery :Maya.
Executive Members:Gayathri Devi,Shankaraiah SM.

Requesting All GEs of Karnataka Circle & Data Network Circle
Please furnish the full contact details,working nature,SSA .AIGETOA online registered members  are able to access the chq site and discussion forum from Feb 2009.So as other GEs using the groups may be using to further strengthen the build-up of our unity and Cnfidencially.   AIGETOA KTK Email:[email protected]

28 jan 2009 

cs/cp meeting DRJTOs/DRJAOs of KOLAR & Mysore SSA for formation of AIGETOA DISTRICT BODY on 30,31th of jan-09 ,All are WELCOME .For more information contact Manjunath ,CS,AIGETOA

23 January 2009

For Minutes of AIGETOA KTK meet  click here .....
Photos of meeting

21 January 2009

CS,CP and VP met GM admin and submitted AIGETOA Karnataka circle body list and asked his support  and cooperation for AIGETOA.

19 January 2009
Dear all GEJTOs of North Karnataka, CS/CP planning to meet all SSA to organise AIGETOA.  All are requested to register online  membership.send details of members to [email protected]


19 January 2009
AIGETOA Karnataka Circle body formed on 18/01/09 in presence of chq. president N.Shilohu Rao


Circle President

Shri  Raghu H B


Circle Secretary

Shri Manjunath  B G


Circle Finance Secretary

Shri Ashok Y Shigli


Circle Vice President

Shri Manohar S


Circle Vice President

Shri Shivakumara D P


Asst Circle Secretary

Shri Tukaram


Asst Circle Secretary

Shri Giridhara M


Executive Members

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16 January 2009

AIGETOA KTK/DNW  Bangalore organised meeting on 18th at 11am.Venue:open auditorium,o/o cgmt, Bangalore .All india AIGETOA president N.Shilohu Rao will address the meeting, All DRJTO/DRJAOs welcome. for more details contact  Durgesh ,president AIGETOA,DNW Bangalore 9448279977 or Ashok Shigli on mob:9480054282



08 January 2009

AIGETOA KTK/DNW  Bangalore organised meeting on 18th at 11am.Venue:open auditorium,o/o cgmt, Bangalore .All india AIGETOA president N.Shilohu Rao will address the meeting, All DRJTO/DRJAOs welcome. for more details contact  Durgesh ,president AIGETOA,DNW Bangalore 9448279977 or Ashok Shigli on mob:9480054282


 07 January 2009

Launching of new website of AIGETOA- Karnataka Circle.